Rebekka Turner comedy Q&A

How many gigs have you completed?

1,000 and counting. 

When did you begin? 

I officially started in October 2013 but my first ever gig was at a Laughing Horse workshop in September 2010.  I had a few gigs scattered in 2011 and 2012 when I was at Uni. 

What is your persona like?

My persona is a mix of high energy delivery of jokes, with a surreal outlook to everyday topics. There is also an occasional impression.

What impressions are you currently working on?

I am able to do Su Pollard, Kristen Schaal, Shelagh Turner (Call the Midwife), Julie Walters, Audrey Hepburn, Stacey Soloman and more recently Patricia Routledge. 

Who are your main influences?

I have interests in loads of comedic areas and eras. I enjoy Pete and Dud, Monty Python, Fast Show, The League of Gentlemen and Cardinal Burns. I am also inspired by Kristen Schaal, Morganna Robinson, Amy Sedaris, Bec Hill, Jo Neary and Cariad Lloyd. 

What topics do you explore?

I look at topics such as pop culture, food, gender and my social struggles. 

What are your aims in the comedy world?

To have a run at the Soho Theatre.

Get an agent/manager.

More paid work..hint, hint. 

Best heckle moments? 

I have two, the first one is more weird than rude. In my set I used to dance to 'I've had the time of my life' from Dirty Dancing but at one venue a rowdy guy stuffed a £5 note down the top of my trousers like at a strip club. He tried to get the fiver back when I went offstage but I couldn't find it...result was my first paid gig.


The second one is my first ever proper traditional heckle. At a gig there was a group of college kids at the back of the room and as I got on stage they shouted "I hope you're as funny as you look", to which I quickly retorted "I hope you're as shit as you look". Result - a round of applause.

Worst heckle moments? 

I had one quite recently, I was whooping at a crowd for a little too long in my intro and a young lad shouts out 'Is she disabled?' 1. That is very odd and 100% inapropriate, 2. this was right at the start of my set and I had not had this type of response before and so I was put off my stride. 3. Things where made worse by the fact the comedy night was fundraising for a sports team for people with disabilities.  

Secret comedy fact?

I am a huge fangirl - I have my very own autograph tumblr (and have Reece Shearsmith, Greg Proops and Pappy's Fun Club as followers!) 

Most famous autograph hunted?

Most definately Ronnie Corbett. 

Who is your Mancrush Monday and Womancrush Wednesday? 

Ryan Gosling (pudgy phase) and the lovely Susan Sarandon.

Favourite food?

Pretty much pizza! In terms of sweets I am more a chocolate person than candy. 

Favourite 1980s angsty teenager?

Kevin Bacon in Footloose. He had a reason to be angsty, his family had moved into a town that banned dancing. 


Claim to fame? 

I won the Friday prize on CBBC when I was younger for doing a drawing of Antony Worrall Thompson as an ant chef on Ready Steady Cook...I was a weird child. But Richard (of Dick and Dom) fame said my name on air. 

Best comedy tip/advice?

Something that really helped me was new material nights, as I learnt to be less upset when a joke didn't work, and I got more experienced at improvising in my set. Try to setup your own night, preferably M.C'ing it. This really helps improve not only interacting with an audience but how to approach a crowd and tailor the material. 


Most interesting audience members?

1. When an m.c. asked someone what they did, they said they where in a rock band. When asked semi-sarcastically "oh yeah, which one?" The audience member replied "Kaiser Chiefs"...he was Ricky Wilson. 

2. Ronnie, who was the writer of the Coco Pops and Flake (only the crumbliest, flakiest) advert jingles.

What is your vice? 


What is your top comedy scripted moment? 

In series 3 of the League of Gentlemen there is a monolgue by Mark Gatiss and he plays a creepy mortician. It is amazingly acted and written.  

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