Photo credit to: Alexander Voodoo 2019.

Hello, and welcome to the website of eccentric UK based comedian Rebekka 'Bex'* Turner. I have been performing for 7 years having started at University in 2011/2012 but my very first embarrasing performance was in 2010. If you want more information about my comedy world-I have an 'About Me' section with a tongue and cheek Q&A. 


I have performed various fringe shows from 2017-2019 with my 2020 show being postponed, however I am performing it virtually-keep up to date via my 'GIGS' page. I add to it regularly. 


Even if you just want to say hello, leave a review** or you really, really want to book me for a show, please check out the contact page. 


Have a wonderful explore. 


Bex xxx


*That's my equity first name.

**please be nice.

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