"Rebekka Turner plays several highly funny characters with a 'League of Gentlemen' edge." 

(Simon, Extra Topping Comedy 2023)

“Darkly nonsensical”

(Will Noble, The Londonist 2021)

"Like a porcelain doll with a chainsaw"

(Random audience member)

"Very avant garde...very strange"

(Comedian Dan Fardell on radio)

"Highly original, utterly bonkers and brilliantly funny! Rebekka's pushed through as one of the newer acts to watch closely."

(James McDonnell - musical comedian)


"Rebekka was hilarious."

(Comedian Scott Capurro) 

"Charming and hilarious love child of Tommy Cooper, Eddie Izzard and Victoria Wood"

(Sajeela Kershi comedienne and host of Comedy Cottage and The Immigrant Diaries).

"Rebekka Turner, if her comedy seems frenetic that's because it is. Fearlessly funny, gorgeously unhinged and imaginative, you will not get bored watching Rebekka." 

(Funny Women)



Interview for The Phoenix Remix about my Edinburgh Fringe show 'Bex's Chainsaw Moussaka' 2022: 


Interview for Blizzard about my Brighton Fringe show 'Bex's Chainsaw Moussaka' 2022:



Blog review of Bex's Chainsaw Moussaka by James Walsh for the the 2022 Brighton Fringe:


Website link for The Argus Newspaper's article on The Establishment Comedy Club Road Trip 2017: 



"Comedienne Rebekka Turner who appeared later in the evening is in some ways a throwback to the days when jokes and wordplay were more commonplace in stand-up. Similar in stature to the male comedians that evening, she has an imposing presence on stage and a caustic wit that is very much like Marmite-either you get it or you don't. With a penchant for popular culture references of the past, Turner's delivery is often waspish and surreal. Her aptitude for impersonations of former celebrities like Su Pollard were spot on and something she should incorporate more readily in her set." Michael Davis 

Variety of Kings review 16/03/2016


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